Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Revising the GAME Plan

Week 6 brings us further along in the implementation of our GAME plans. This week, the questions to consider are:

· What have I learned so far that I can apply in my instructional practice?
· What goals am I still working toward?
· Based on the NETS-T, what new learning goals will I set for myself?
· If I am not ready to set new learning goals, how will I extend what I have learned so far?
· What learning approaches will I try next time to improve my learning?

I believe that I am doing a much better job of using technology to engage students in solving real-life problems. Just by working on our wiki lesson plan assignments, I am giving more thought to how I can use the technology in my classroom to make Math more real to my students. While this is not a new goal for me, the requirements for this course have certainly helped me focus on better ways to do this. Of course, achieving my goals will be an ongoing process.

Since I am making progress, I have decided to set two more goals for myself. By using my own experiences as an example, I want to model collaborative learning by engaging my students in virtual environments such as the one we have at Walden. This is another part of the NETS•T first standard for teachers. To be successful at that, I must also teach my students to be responsible digital citizens (NETS•T 4th standard).

To improve my learning, I will spend more time becoming familiar with the potential legal and ethical issues and challenges with using these technological tools. There is probably a great deal that may seem like "common sense" to me, but would never occur to my students. To get the best educational experience possible out of any technology, I must prepare for every situation. I can take nothing for granted. By being more aware of what my students may encounter, I can provide a much more rewarding experience for all of those involved.

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  1. I too am finding that I really need to re-examine what students really do know and assume when dealing with technology. They are classified as digital natives based on their generation but at the same time, there is a lot that they need to learn.